Best Health Apps For Android Device 2023

Best health apps for Android Device

Our smartphones can help us stay healthy in many ways. From sleep tracking apps to exercise tracker apps for a good night’s sleep, the Play Store has it all. Android smartphones have various sensors that transmit accurate information about your workouts.

These apps take data from sensors and show us valuable data that can help us lose weight, increase muscle or maintain a healthy lifestyle. It also includes training programs that guide you through proper home exercises. Whether you have a gym membership or train at home, this collection of best fitness apps will definitely help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Best Health Apps For Android Device 2023

Note, The fitness tracker apps listed below are not in order of preference. We recommend that you choose any of them according to your needs.

1. Google Fit: Activity Tracking

Google Fit is an excellent fitness tracker app developed by Google. It uses sensors to track a user’s activity or uses a mobile phone to record fitness activities. It will determine your speed, pace, route, elevation and more, and display real-time stats for your runs, walks and rides.

You can also set individual goals for your steps, time, distance and calories burned. This workout app is great for home workouts and integrates perfectly with WearOS. Plus, this activity tracker app can sync and import data from other fitness monitor apps as well.

What makes Google Fit a strong contender among the best free workout apps is that there is absolutely no paid version. Plus, you won’t see any ads or in-app purchases.

Download Here : Google Fit: Activity Tracking

2. Samsung Health

Samsung Health has various features to help you manage your health. As the app allows you to automatically record many activities, creating a healthy lifestyle is easier and simpler than ever.

Check various health records on the home screen. Easily add and edit the items that you want to manage such as daily steps and activity time.

Record and manage your fitness activities, such as running, cycling, swimming, etc. Also, Galaxy Watch wearables user can now exercise more effectively through Life Fitness, Technogym and Corehealth.

Download Here: Samsung Health

3. Nike Run Club – Running Coach

Like Google Fit, Nike Run Club is one of the best fitness apps for Android, completely free without ads or any in-app purchases. It includes over 160 free exercises focused on strength, endurance or movement and offers three difficulty levels.

Best of all, the fitness tracker app has tons of focused workouts for your abs, triceps, shoulders, and other body parts. Users can stream the app to their TV using an Apple TV, Chromecast, or an HDMI cable. Plus, this exercise tracker app lets you monitor your fitness activities and record other activities like running, walking, playing basketball and more.

Download Here: Nike Run Club – Running Coach

4. Strava: Run, Ride, Hike

Without a doubt, Strava is one of the best workout apps on Android, allowing you to track your runs, set up cycling routes, and analyze you training with all the stats you need. One of the exciting features of Strava is that it has a leaderboard where you can challenge yourself or compete with other app users.

Strava includes a GPS distance tracker and mileage counter, and with the premium version you can train for triathlons and marathons.

This app can be a great option for cyclists. Access the largest network of roads and trails and discover new ways to run or ride. It’s free, contains no ads and contains in-app purchases.

Download Here: Strava: Run, Ride, Hike

5. Runkeeper-Distance Run Tracker

Runkeeper is a full featured Android fitness tracker app with over 500,000 users. It uses GPS-enabled cell phones to track fitness activities and produces similar results. Runkeeper calculates your running speed, cycling speed, track distance, elevation and calories burned with high accuracy. It allows its users to view a detailed history of their activities.

You can also follow a training plan or create your own using audio training. The app is free and supported by advertisements, as well as some in-app purchases. You can even pair it with a WearOS smartwatch to keep track of all your stats. Runkeeper also comes with widget support.

Download Here: Runkeeper Distance Run Tracker

6. Adidas Running Distance & Fitness Tracker

Adidas Running ( Runtastic ) is a great fitness tracker app for anyone who likes to exercise every day. GPS is used to track running, walking, cycling and jogging routes. Adidas Running uses this tracking information to create detailed graphs and tables about your progress. You can also use the app on a treadmill or other exercise equipment.

Plus, it includes audio training, real-time tracking and chants, and you can set running goals. It supports Google WearOS, and you can share your success on Facebook and Twitter directly from your smartwatch.

The app is free and contains advertisements as well as some in-app purchases.

Download Here: Adidas Running

7. Step Tracker – Pedometer

The most accurate & simple step tracker auto tracks your daily steps, burned calories, walking distance, duration, pace, health data, etc., and display them in intuitive graphs for easy checking.

Step counter counts your daily steps with the built-in sensor, which greatly saves battery. It records steps accurately even when the screen is locked, whether your phone is in your hand, your pocket, your bag, or your armband.

In GPS tracking mode, step counter tracks your fitness activity in detail (distance, pace, time, calories), and records your routes on the map with GPS in real-time. But if you don’t choose GPS tracking, it will count steps with built-in sensor to save battery.

Download Here: Step Tracker – Pedometer

8. Seven -7 Minutes Workout

Getting fit has never been so easy – or so much fun! Seven workouts are based on scientific studies to give you the maximum benefits of exercise with only 7-minutes a day.

With personalized workout plans, Seven makes sure you get the most from your training. Want to Get Fit, Lose Weight or Get Strong? Just choose a goal and fitness level, and let Seven take care of the rest

Download Here: Seven – 7 Minutes Workout

9. MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter is one of the best fitness apps to help you lose weight. It helps you track what you eat throughout the day.

As such, it has a massive database of over 60,000 food items, including international foods and cuisines. You can also add the food you eat manually or by using a barcode scanner. It includes recipe importer, restaurant log, food statistics, calorie counter and more.

You can choose from over 350 exercises or create your own activities and exercises. Plus, it allows you to set goals and view a graph of your progress history. The app is free and contains advertising and in-app purchases.

Download Here: MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter

10. Home Workout – No Equipment

Home workout can help you build muscle and stay fit at home without going to the gym. Contains over 100 detailed video and animation guides. All exercises are specially designed to target specific areas such as abdominal muscles, chest and legs as well as full body exercises.

Additional features include warm-ups and stretches, progress reports, customizable workout reminders and graphs. Plus, you can create your own workout routine. The app is free and contains advertising and in-app purchases.

The Home Workout app provides you with daily workouts for all major muscle groups. In just a few minutes a day, you can build muscle and get fit at home without going to the gym. You can do all the exercises with only your body weight, no equipment or trainer required.

The app includes exercises for abdominal, chest, leg and arm muscles as well as full body workouts. All exercises are designed by experts. All the exercises require no equipment, so you don’t even need to go to the gym. While it only takes a few minutes a day, it sculpts your muscles and helps you work out your abs at home.

The warm-up and stretching exercises are designed to ensure that you are exercising in a scientific manner. With animated and video instructions for each exercise, you can be sure to use the correct form for each exercise.

Download Here: Home Workout – No Equipment

Which of these free workout apps do you have installed on your phone?

So folks, these are our recommendations for the best health and fitness apps for Android in 2023. i hope you find them useful

and choose one of them as their daily coach. Now, if you choose me, it would be a really tough choice as each of these apps serves a different purpose.

For example, if you want to track your athletic activity, you can go to Google Fit, Nike Training Club, Runtastic, etc. But for those who want to lose weight at home, a calorie counter will be a great option.

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